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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 4, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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so - does it work? we gave a shot - and it's the latest crime-fighting tool in the age of social media. does it work? we gave it a shot. and we may have identified a suspect. >> a bizarre case of kidnapping in the south bay. the man and woman accused of forcing a man to do handiwork around the house. >> and more good news for bay area homeowners. the value of your biggest investment is
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probably going up! san francisco police are trying out a new tool to heat up their cold cases: social media. and they've begun post ing videos of criminals in action hoping the public can provide new leads. elizabeth cook shows us it is already working. >> reporter: before day, folks at home had to wait to see surveillance videos from crimes on the local new. now sfpd is hoping the public will become crime fighters by using this website. >> reporter: take a look at this. surveillance video of a violent robbery on polk street in the tenderloin. >> he's approaching the victim, and then he begins to stun him with a stun gun. >> reporter: the guy goes on to shock the victim multiple times. he even shoved him against a fence and shocked him one last time before taking his cellphone. >> ever been robbed? >> yes. >> reporter: we showed a picture of the suspect to leon. >> i've seen this guy around
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the neighborhood. >> reporter: leon lives near the crime scene and says the suspect is a regular around the neighborhood. >> i see him maybe once or twice a week in front of my house. and this is ridiculous. >> we have had a total of over 1,700 cellphone robberies. >> reporter: it's the kind of reaction sfpd is hoping for with "the lineup." a link that shows surveillance video from cold cases along with a description of the crime and the suspect. and a list of social media links and contacts to call are listed if you have any information. >> the public can basically reach out to us through social media and help us identify who the suspect is. >> reporter: officer carlos says the idea started after they released this picture of a man vandalizing a muni bus the nice of the giants' win. >> a lot of people provided us feedback and a willingness to want to help us apprehend these
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criminals who did this. >> if i saw this and saw the guy, i could call the police or let them know, i would definitely do it. >> reporter: they are calling this community policing at its best that. i plan to update the website with new videos every week. from petty crimes to serious felonies. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. police are investigating a deadly shooting in san francisco's western edition neighborhood. just before 8:00, officers found a man in his 20s with gunshot wounds to his stomach and leg near grove and buchanan. he died at the hospital an hour later. a strange case in the south bay where two people are in jail accused of kidnapping a handy man and then forcing him to do home repairs. it all started at a home on caldwell court and ended with the victim escaping at a south san jose gas station.
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>> reporter: detectives say this morgan hill mansion was the scene of a full day of punch, death threats, kidnapping, and home repair! >> so they beat him up and said fix this? >> correct. he was threaten eded and forced to work at the house. rarp handy man was lure -- >> reporter: a handy man was lured into the sprawling home complete with pool, beach volleyball and tennis courts. for the next six hour, they beat the handy man, threatened to kill him, and made him fix the dishwasher, a broken door, and several other jobs. >> the victim is pretty terrified. what he did tell investigators is he was just trying to do as he was told and wait for the opportunity where he could escape. >> reporter: by nightfall, all three got into the victim's truck on their way to the suspect's mother's house for more repairs. they pulled over at a gas station, the suspects
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went in to pay for gas and snacks and told the victim to stay put. he escaped and police arrested the suspects as they pulled out. >> they don't seem like the brightest suspects. >> you know, it's kind of unknown what was going through their head. why they did what they did, and what they were planning do. >> reporter: whoever was at the morgan hill house didn't want to talk. as for the motive, investigators say the handy man had done work for the victim's mother two months ago. >> the work wasn't performed to the length of the suspect's relative at the time. and there was a dispute over services rendered. the victim wasn't paid entirely. that boiled over into what occurred last night. >> reporter: the the captors were pacing about nervously, giving the impression they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. they now face
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half a cosen charges -- dozen charges and could go to prison for a very long time. and a suspect with a violent past is under arrest for attacking a young woman with autism. gary atkinson faces multiple charges of kidnapping, rape, and lewd acts on a child. >> she had no connection to the suspect, and she did not go -- she went there against her will, was taken there against her will. >> the 16-year-old victim walked away from her group home on coolidge avenue a week ago and atkinson forced her onto a bart train and took her to his home in san francisco. she was found on a muni bus two days later. there is a drone war being waged in alameda county. the sheriff's office says it needs one of the pint-sized spy planes for public safety purposes. but cbs 5's ann tell us big brother might hop on board.
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>> reporter: the sheriff's department wants a camera-equipped drone for search and rescue and serving search warrants. >> having a device like this, we could look into that area prior to serving the search warrant. >> reporter: privacy advocates are worried it could expand. >> where they were going to say they were going to use them for emergency purposes and start using them for surveillance on ordinary americans. >> reporter: some believe the sheriff isn't being completely honest. documents that the aclu obtained along with documents that esf obtained show his true plan is to use a drone for spying. >> the sheriff clearly is working to secretly unleash a drone on alameda county. >> reporter: although the office had agreed to wait until a hearing to decide the issue, it ended up on the county board of supervisors' agenda for
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approval. >> there are no hard and fast rules. currently the faa hasn't even issued their final rules on using these. >> reporter: it's not just privacy advocates who are cautious. there's a bill in sacramento that would establish regulations on drones to protect people's privacy. there's a call to have enforceable safe guards in place. >> what gainer keys can you give them -- guarantees can you give them? >> it's a matter of trust, and there are some individual who is don't trust government, who don't trust law enforcement, and i don't know how we can ever convince them. >> reporter: the public protection committee is expected to hold a public hearing on the drone issue sometime in january. if the committee approves them it will go back to the board of supervisors for final approval. john mcafee has surfaced in public for the first time in weeks. he is in a hotel in guatemala city after sneaking out of beliz where he is a
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person of interest in the murder of his neighbor. in his last blog post, he says he has hired guatemala's former attorney general to petition the country's government to allow him to stay. crews spent the day shoring up a huge stretch of highway along highway 1 after the weekend's rain. caltrans hopes this won't be a mr. be in the new future -- problem in the near future. >> devil's slide is the most beautiful drive i've ever been over, and i'm kind of sad the tunnel is opening and is going to take away that scenery. >> if you're a driver, you don't pay attention to the view! >> cars are expected to start heading through the tunnel in february or march. what is happening across the bay area right now? >> the weather is getting wetter toward tomorrow. no big storms, but rainfall is moving in. showers right now primarily north of the golden gate where
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they have been. pet lum asanta rose -- petaluma, santa rosa. through the night and for tomorrow, rain moving in, and the heaviest of the rainfall which won't be that heavy but it'll have a high impact because it's going to be calling between 7:00 and 9:00 tomorrow morning. find out what happens after this rain-maker moves out. and you can track the rain anytime with our doppler radar on our website. the housing market is making a big exact. u.s. home prices raised more than 6% in october compared to a year ago. that is the greatest yearly gain since july 2006. prices increased in 45 states in october including california. >> we're considerably
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higher in the bay area than the rest of the country. our entry level homes are tough. so when you start sees homes in the east bay for $250,000, people are lining up for them. >> what's making home buying more affordable? mortgage rates are near record low, while rents are on the rise. we are due to fall off the fiscal cliff in four weeks. tonight each side still insists the other's plan is impossible. republicans have dismissed the president's proposal as outlandish. democrats complain the gop plan is too vague. but the sticking point is the same. the president will not sign anything without a tax increase for the nation's highest earners. >> we're going to have to see the rates on the top 2% go up. and we're not going to be able to get a deal without it. >> the gop counter offer calls for raising $800 billion in revenue without raising taxes.
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jay carney liken today to magic beans and fairy dust. still counting the multibillion dollars vote that will not die. and how much the recount is costing bay area taxpayers. >> and the day after an epic evening commute meltdown, muni decides to let one group of passengers ride for free. >> and here comes flu season. why this year may or may not be different than normal.
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government after being toldo shut down. drakes bay oyster company the owners of an oyster
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farm are suing the federal government after being told to shut town. they were hoping to -- shut down. they were hoping to get a 10-year extension in the next lease, but in a move by local environmentalists, the secretary of the interior refused. the company says the decision violates a state water lease and 10 million oysters could be loss. fish and game wardens say they had no choice but to shoot two mountain lions hiding in a half moon bay backyard. they took ref ung under the porch -- refuge under of the poach of a home. they were not scared of humans which means they posed a risk to people. flu season is already in full-swing. and early reports of this year's strain? severe. >> reporter: if you haven't had your flu shot yet, now is the time. health officials say this is the earliest start of the flu
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season in nearly a decade. the centers for disease control and prevention says alabama, louisiana, mississippi, tennessee and texas are all reporting higher than normal numbers of cases. >> we usually see flu begin to have an uptick in about 4-6 weeks from now. seeing it this early could predict not only a longer but a more severe flu season. >> reporter: the most common strain this year tends to make people sicker than usual. they are encouraged because this year's vaccine seems to protect against it. an estimated 112 million americans have already received their flu shots. people who are very young, very old, or who have health problems are at greatest risk. >> the high fever, a sore throat, a cough, and body aches. >> reporter: this year's strain is particularly hard on the
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elderly, but 70-year-old noel jeffrey isn't concerned. >> i believe in preventative medicine, i get the shot every year, and i've never had a flu. >> reporter: he says there's no reason everyone shouldn't get vaccinated. it is official now. nudists are no longer allowed to bare all on san francisco streets. the board of supervisors gave the final okay to the city's new public nudity ban. several opponents stripped naked in protest right after the vote was taken. they were promptly escorted out of the board chambers in convenient blankets. repeat offenders could face hefty fines and even jail time. after much debate, muni will move ahead with free rides for low income teenagers in san francisco. transportation officials approved the $1.6 million plan this afternoon. the trial program should go into effect by next march and run for about 16 months. it's designed to help
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low-income passengers under the age of 18. and it's about to get tougher to line up in petaluma. an ordinance banning smoking in apartments and motels. the ordinance also bans smoking in public places like bus stops and dining areas. the ban goes into a effect in august next year. they are still counting votes in alameda county, and yeah, we're talking about votes from the november election: the recount is not cheap, and a lot of taxpayers are not happy about picking up the tab. >> tick, tick , tick. >> yes, yes , yes. >> reporter: someone likened it to watching paint dry. >> yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: most alameda county voters voted for measure b1. 66.53% of them. but it needed 2/3
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majority. 66.67%. so back ers of the half cent sales tax, that would fix pot holes, boost bus service, and bring bart to livermore, decided to buy a recount. >> we've been working on developing this expenditure plan for 2.5 years through a highly public process. and because there was so much voter support, we requested a recount to make sure all the ballots have been counted appropriately. >> reporter: the public agency is funded by tax money. the recount is being paid for by taxpayers. >> do you think taxpayers should pay for this? >> i don't believe so but they're not going to leave $7 billion on the table if it's within a couple votes. >> i'm not a lawyer, so i can't speak to that. >> yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: and it's not going to be cheap. >> see these boxes? these are ready to be counted ballots. there are half a million of them. >> right now it's about $7,500
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per day. >> reporter: it could be weeks to count them all by hand. possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, and after all that -- >> you think it's going to change? >> well, i'd be very surprised. >> because there has been such a high voter turnout in support of this, we believe that it is an important and prudent investment to make sure that all the votes were counted correctly. >> reporter: as the clock ticks, ticks, ticks, the agency says it will review its decision on a daily basis. >> they're going to have to find at least 700 voters who looked like they wanted to vote for b1 but didn't mark the ballot right. and one registrar told me that's a whole lot, especially at $7,500 per day. you can count how many sunny days we have had over the past three weeks on one hand: three. find out why that's coming to change. the radar is active tonight. a couple trips on the camera. ,,
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thanks, paul.
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didn't those clouds look ominous from the start of the day? any minute, any minute. it didn't happen. just a few showers north of the golden gate. that's it. that's the dividing line right now. tomorrow those clouds that look like it's going to rain, they will be raining. mill valley, you're seeing some showers, san rafael, and almost over to richmond. from san francisco south, you are mainly dry. north of the golden gate, some showers, and a few of them have made it into downtown san francisco. the financial district, cloudy with a few light showers. is this not going to be the steady soaking rain we had a couple days ago. concord cloudy 57. oakland 53, san jose 51, livermore 50. san francisco 54. here's the setup, another system in the atmosphere
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heading toward northern california but farther to the north than the last one. high pressure is nudging the storm track farther away from us. so it's a near miss, and the atmosphere isn't as energized as it was over the past several days. you're getting rain, you're not getting flooding. high pressure will give us sunshine over the next several days. it'll abe chilly pattern, but it will be a drier weather pattern. showers north now, we all get them tomorrow. it'll be a wet morning commute, wet evening commute, and done with the wet for a while. several straight dry days beginning on thursday. your forecast for tomorrow, a couple degrees above average. san jose on target for early december. showers around pleasant hill, pleasanton, and san ramon. extended forecast,
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once the rain is finished tomorrow our yards will finally dry out. we're going to have sunshine across the board. nice weekend, chilly, but drying out after tomorrow. >> and sunshine. >> how about a 41 forecast? >> to mid- january? >> i'm feeling chilly! >> we'll deal with that. >> the exclusive 41-day forecast. don't start! [ laughter ] news on the raiders. will their game will televised? another big day for the giants.
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grady allen died today in a dallas hospital after suffeg a heart attack last week. gy allen was a lineba dennis allen's father has passed away at 66. brady allen died today after suffering a heart attack. he was a linebacker in the nfl with atlanta for five seasons. he left the raiders to be with his father after sunday's loss to cleveland. the raiders host dallas this thursday. he will be with the team. world series hero marco scutaro has agreed to a three-year $20 million deal. the 37-year-old second baseman was asquared from colorado last -- acquired from colorado last july. san francisco native steve lavin, taking on usf. red storm
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rallies. jump shot, but the dons have not lost since the opener and they would not tonight. parker hits the layup, throws up a foul, and that is the end for st. john's. >> he was on the sideline. chris was there. >> chris mullin as you know went to st. john's. it's a great year to watch basketball.
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